Martin Luther King, Jr.

When you lump all white people into the same bag, now what is that, again?

Oh yeah, prejudice.

Oh, does someone want their cudgel back?

Stop thinking the problem is all white people getting lumped into the same bag and not the oppression committed against non-whites to privilege white people. We get that privilege whether we asked for it not, so it hardly seems like too much to expect for us to deal with the consequences of that oppression as well. See, here is the problem with explicitly limiting criticism of white supremacy to those who self-identify as white supremacists: Plenty of people are profiting from and propping up white supremacy who would never see themselves as racists. Indeed, I’d say pretty clearly MOST white people who enforce white supremacy also feel entitled to see themselves as “not all white people”. Criticism of white supremacy SHOULD make us question our actions and behaviors, not throw tantrums about how we’re being generalized about. Seriously, you think WHITE PEOPLE being generalized about is the problem here? We risk feeling a bit offended by generalizations. Others risk loss of their livelihood, loss of health, loss of happiness, and loss of life. When you rush to complain about “lumping all white people into the same bag”, you are rushing to stand in front of those victims of racism and insist on getting the benefits due them. And how is that any different that the criticisms of white people that riled you up in the first place?

White people will be fine. Stop worrying about white people. White people have constructed a social order to our own benefit at all junctures. We don’t need a champion.

I will have an undergraduate class, let’s say a young white male student, politically-correct, who will say: “I am only a bourgeois white male, I can’t speak.” … I say to them: “Why not develop a certain degree of rage against the history that has written such an abject script for you that you are silenced?” Then you begin to investigate what it is that silences you, rather than take this very determinist position-since my skin colour is this, since my sex is this, I cannot speak… From this position, then, I say you will of course not speak in the same way about the Third World material, but if you make it your task not only to learn what is going on there through language, through specific programmes of study, but also at the same time through a historical critique of your position as the investigating person, then you will have earned the right to criticize, you be heard. When you take the position of not doing your homework- “I will not criticize because of my accident of birth, the historical accident” - that is the much more pernicious position.

Gayatri Spivak 


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it’s also SUCH a reverse victimization thing like

when ~antiracist allies~ say this shit it always includes this sort of faux-self-deprecating element

and intentionally or not, there’s the implication that we white people in general are being ~silenced~ by the ~cruel~ person of color, and that ~oh no we’ve been taught to hate ourselves for our whiteness and believe all these self-deprecating things~ which of course is EXACTLY the white guilt script that more blatantly racist whites looking at this will want to see as more ‘justification’ to dismiss analysis of racism.

and it’s inevitably framing people of color as mean or angry or ~reverse racist~ and ourselves as beleaguered; it’s inevitably fishing for compliments, for coddling, for having the conversation recentered around us and derailing the actual conversation taking place.

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